Hair service

Hair Cut Man

A good hair cut would give you that right look you have always been waiting for. Our friendly stylist will  advise you  the best hair type that suits you the most.

Rp. 200.000

Hair Cut Woman

Ready to finally find your ideal haircut? We will make it for you.

Rp. 300.000

Hair Cut Kids

Get your kids a fresh look!

Rp. 200.000

Hair Wash

 Happiness is the smell of freshly washed hair. Washing helps to remove oils and dirt from your hair.

Rp. 100.000

Hair Style

Styling your hair can be one of the best parts of any beauty regime. As fine beauty salon, we choose the best products for your hair style, whether it’s full, smooth, curly, beach waves, or straight. we’ll make sure you leave with the look you want.

Rp. 150.000

Hair Wash & Style

Get 2 treatments in one go with special price.

Rp. 250.000

Fashion Color

Boost your color, reduce brassiness, enhance vibrancy or add depth to your roots.

Start from Rp. 850.000

Hair Color Permanent

There's nothing better than stepping out of the house knowing you look fabulous and that you achieved the look yourself. Give us your idea and our stylist will recommend the best combination for your gorgeous look!

Start from Rp. 700.000


 Hair color should never look flat, dull or lackluster. highlight add one-of-a-kind depth and dimension. Partial or face-framing highlights add a brightening illusion, depending on where they are placed.

Start from Rp. 650.000


It can lighten your hair by stripping the pigment from your strands and to pop up the tone of your hair color

Start From Rp. 300.000

Brown Balayage

Hand-painted highlights illuminate tresses with a covetable “sun-kissed in Sicily” effect.  This particular technique allows color to grow out naturally and gracefullyfrom your hair. 

Start from Rp. 800.000


Tame your curls. Loosen unruly strands with this smoothing treatment. 

Start from Rp. 850.000

Perming Classic

Perm your hair with a classic way. Get your personalized perm for your hair.

Start from Rp. 700.000

Perming Digital

The curl of your dreams. We are using digital perm tool for this treatment. Perms or commonly called permanent curl  result will be more visible in dry styling. The process can take up to 3 hours and curl can stay for 4 to 6 months.

Start from Rp. 850.000