Hair Treatment

Olaplex Stand Alone

Hair treatment by using Olaplex series product starting from shampoo, conditioner, oil (bond multiplier) to restore hair cuticles and bond perfector to restore hair moisture

Start from Rp. 500.000

Olaplex Express

Faster hair treatment system using bond perfector that applies to hair and using Olaplex shampoo and conditioner.

Start from Rp. 250.000

Olaplex Upgrade

Treatment while coloring with adding bond perfector to cloring mixtue to keep your hair healthy due to chemical coloring

Start from Rp. 300.000

Olaplex Original

Treatment for hair wash using olaplex prouct to give better result

Start from Rp. 200.000

Hair Spa Shiseido

Hair treatment by using specific product that suits for normal to damaged hair according to the scalp and hair condition to maintain your healthy hair

Start from Rp. 250.000

Hair Keratin

Hair treatment for you who dye or style your hair very frequent to keep your hair healthy and smooth

Start from Rp. 1.200.000- 2.000.000